You are making thousands of impressions a day, so why not make them intentional and powerful, to have the life, the relationships, the business, the success that you truly want out of this life both personally and professionally.

In our modern day society, we tend to overlook the power our non-verbal communication offers to us  and the relationships that we're creating.

Here's why.

Non-verbal communication doesn't sound science-y at all, though it really is.

It is truly based in science, and the truth is, is that we communicate nonverbally around 95% of the time. Statistics say, anywhere between 93 and 98% of the time we are communicating non-verbally. Which means our non-verbal communication is ridiculously powerful, but it's so much more than just your tone of voice. It's your body language, it's what you're wearing and how you're holding yourself. It's your facial expressions and how you interact with the space.

Your non-verbal communication is what you're truly communicating and can't be faked.

Change your nonverbal communication and your biology will change in kind.

Non-verbal communication has an awful lot of science and psychology built into it, and it truly does help you make a better impressions.

#InfluenceAli Craig