Instinct marketing is about knowing yourself first and your audience second.

The truth is is that at some point, you're going to get caught up in the rat race of society, social media, business, stress and relationship. You're not going to be in this beautiful, zen moment of living in your instinct when you need to make a decision. And it is when such moments come that you need system or strategy in place.

And the best system that uses your instinct even when you are feeling offline from your intuition: the best version of you.

How would the best version of you handle a particular situation?

How would the best version of you handle your coworker losing their pet? What would you say? How would you feel? What would you do? How would you react?

Here's why understanding how the best version of you would react matters.

Number one, it actually reprograms your story. If you have a story going on that is hindering you from getting to that next level, either in your business, your relationship or with your success in your goals, it's gonna automatically help course correct that, allowing you to trust your instinct.

But here's what the best version of you is also gonna do. When you're in those moments of craziness, when you are so stressed out and your brain is in pure biological fight or flight mode - by having already done the best version of you work done, you can trust yourself going into autopilot mode to respond, act and receive accordingly to how you really want to live and how you really want to receive.

The best version of you is about being purposeful with your actions and every single impression you make because the truth is, it's actually a great responsibility and a great honor to be able to make as many of impressions that we do every single day.

With great intention comes great power and great energy is put behind the impact we make.

We all know energy attracts energy. Like attracts like. So put your best foot forward. Trust your instinct, but also have a system and strategy in place so that when life  gets in the way you can trust your intuition.

Trust your instinct and trust your subconscious mind to work to your brand and your impressions advantage in the end.

Instinct MarketingAli Craig