The simple act of sitting, something that we do often and completely overlook.

How can you be more influential in your sitting?

Well, there's a couple of things you can do and it really depends on the situation at hand.

Let's say that you're at a networking event and you're sitting down and someone comes up to approach you. The question is, do you stand to meet them? That really depends on who do you want to have the power and how are you feeling about the energy.

Here's what I mean.

If you're sitting and someone comes and approaches you, the person standing nonverbally and biologically has the power in the relationship. But for you to get up and meet them means that you're equals.

Most of the times, people aren't going to stand above someone else, especially if they feel inferior to them. Give it a couple of seconds and see how they react. If they stay standing, then of course, meet them. Rise up and own your space. But I'm gonna bet nine times out of ten, they're either going to squat down to be beneath you or pull up a chair next to you to be equal to you because that's just human nature.

The other thing is is that if by chance you're in a sales position where it's not going well and the other person is just not budging. They're trying to be this bulldog powerhouse and you just want to get this sale situation over with, here's a couple of things that you can do.

If you need to show your power and assert it, then stand up. But if you need to show that there's connection, remove any obstacles in between you and them. That means the table that's probably across from you. Go sit next to them, side by side, shoulder to shoulder and show them the way on how to actually get this job done. This shows respect. But it also shows that you don't need to be this egomaniac jerk to truly get the job done.

How can you influence people when you're sitting down?

Make sure that you are very clear about your intention.

If before you sit down you are clear about your intention in the space, you're naturally gonna have a very strong nonverbal communication.

So don't be concerned about, "Oh, well this isn't the most highest powered position of strength."

True leaders are always sitting on their throne. They're not ruling from the standing position.

#InfluenceAli Craig