Human beings run on instinct. We don't run on logic.

We go off the stories in our subconscious programming.

What does that mean to the impressions that you make?

It means most of the time, you're not being consciously aware of the impressions you're really making. Because your old patterns and your old stories that are showing up - not the real you.

How can you change this?

By cultivating your instinct and your intuition.

How do you do that?

It all starts with your personal stories.

Cultivating your instinct, intuition, and the impressions you make all begin with your personal stories.

What stories are you telling yourself? What stories do you have playing of why you can't do something or how something has to be done? And are those stories serving you?

The truth is that these stories came about because at some point, they served you. They protected you. They gave you what you were looking for. But now, you've grown, you've evolved, and these stories  aren't serving you anymore.

How in the world can you figure out what stories are messing with your instinct and your intuition?

Start journaling or thinking around a certain area that you would love to have growth, development, or influence in. Maybe that's your love relationship. Maybe that's a personal or professional goal that you have. During the journaling process see what hangups come up. Do you have a belief about that right guy in your life? Do you have an instinct that maybe women aren't going to ever be as successful at business as a guy would be?

What stories do you have that are holding you back?

When you're journaling, if there comes a point in what you're writing where there's a non-negotiable, ask yourself is it really non-negotiable?

The truth is that most things are negotiable.

The items we feel are non negotiable are little triggers that a story is in play and our instinct off.

How do you fix your stories and in turn your instinct and influence?

Consciously choose to be the best version of you. The best version of you process is of answering a list of questions based off of how would the best version version of you would handle various situations.

By answering the questions- either written or in thought- you will begin to rewrite your story and subconscious programming insuring stronger impressions, influence, and your instinct.

Story by story, step by step, your instinct will become clearer and true increasing your influence. Allowing your instinct to go into overdrive in all the good ways.

Instinct MarketingAli Craig