Influence is what we all need.

Influence is what relationships are built on. The more influence we have the stronger relationships we have.

In today's crazy busy society, we're meeting so many more people, but we're not actually creating that depth of relationship. And we feel like we don't have the time to create that depth of relationship, yet we need to create that influence fast.

One way to create influence is to simply stand up.

When you're truly grounded, both feet flat on the ground, your legs hip-width apart it creates true strength through your entire core. And just by engaging your core, you are going to feel stronger and powerful. Naturally, you're going to have your chest come out and your shoulders go back. And your collarbones are going to naturally rise.

By standing tall, your biology naturally creates strong and powerful nonverbal communication.

This is the posture of strength. We can fight or we can flight. And we would be doing it all from strength all the while creating influence.

Standing tall can also corrects our nonverbal communication. We've all heard the phrase “the weight of the world on our shoulders.” We naturally hunch our shoulders when we are stressed, feel wounded, and via our work lives. Yet when we stand tall, our shoulders naturally go back. Which makes it appear as if we can take on anything.

The other great thing about standing is that if you stand directly straight and grounded this is the most powerful position you can ever give to somebody. Being straight on with them is power as well as  vulnerability in the most perfect format.

You're vulnerable because you don't have anything in front of you. You don't have hands or arms or purses or anything being held in front of you to create this barrier. So you actually are vulnerable, especially in a fight or flight sense.

Standing tall allows you to have great power because you're willing to be vulnerable in a very strong manner.

Being able to stand open, honest and strong in who you are that is actually biological vulnerability. And that creates very powerful nonverbal communication for you and for the situation you're in.

So if you ever need to feel like a powerhouse- stand up, ground those feet, and face the situation head-on.

Your biology is going to allow you to have more blood flow to the brain, to be present in the moment, so that way you can really think about what's going on. Allowing you to use both sides of your brain hemisphere and not go into a blind fight-or-flight mode.

Plus people are going to think that you're a total badass who can handle the situation.

#InfluenceAli Craig