Yes, your style matters.

Your style says a lot about you, who you are, and how you want to come across and be seen in this world, AKA, the impressions you make.

Yes, what you wear does say something about you.

Now does that mean that you need to wear the most expensive, the most perfect?


No, not in the least.


It's about wearing what is truly you.


I truly love the color black. You're going to always see me in black because that's my style and I know it.


What's yours?


Most people don't actually even know their style and they end up creating a style that was never their choice.


Most people have their personal style based off of three things.


One, it was what they wore whenever they were in high school. We've all seen it, especially with the ladies. They wear the exact same style of clothes, exact same style of makeup, and most likely have their hair pretty dang similar to what they wore in their high school years. You have to understand that our high school years, especially in western society, are our most influenced by society at that point.


The other way that our personal style gets influenced is by the social stories. Our modern-day social stories are our TVs and movies.


So, if you're wondering why "I don't actually like what I wear. But, I somehow keep buying the same stuff over and over again and I don't look like I'm 16. Where's this coming from?"


Check out your most favorite TV shows and movies, between the ages of 16 and 21. I'm going to bet you're dressing like one of the main characters.


And if you don't believe me, if by chance you are a mom, and you are in your mid to late 30's, early 40's and you don't know where your personal style comes from, check out Home Improvement and see if you dress like Jill Taylor.


You laugh, it's so true.


Home Improvement was the number one show in the early 90's. Many of us watched it and now that we are of the age of the character of Jill Taylor, we tend to mimic that. Not consciously of course, but that's the power of our subconscious mind.


Here's the thing about our style, we can choose it.


That's actually your third option.


You can completely choose what you wear. And what you choose does say a lot about you.


Between the colors that you choose, to the fabrics to how much noise your garments make - your entire look adds up to saying who you are without ever saying a word.


Some women love to wear bangle bracelets, not just because they think it's pretty, but because of the bangle sound.


You know what it says?


It says, "Look at me before I even enter the room. I'm going to call your attention to me and not even be in a conversation with you." That is all about power and influence and how they want to be perceived.


Own your personal style. Use that as a tool to your advantage of how you come across into the world.


And, if by chance, your natural aesthetic, is something that's really hard or your personality can come across as really hard, then guess what?


Use your personal style in an authentic way to soften that if you really aren't the hard, badass everyone thinks you are. Use softer colors or softer fabric to help soften that exterior impression.


Your style can be a great, powerful tool for supporting nonverbal communication.


If you do come across a little stronger than, really, how you want to or how you feel on the inside, then use your personal style as an easy way to soften your exterior nonverbal and thoroughly create and express who you really are in every impression you make.