We are all making impressions. Thousands upon thousands of impressions a day, both personally and professionally, online and offline. They all add up to something, so why not have them add up to something that you really want which, hopefully, is dynamic relationships personally and professionally, 'cause that's what gets everything, pretty much, you want out of life.


Our tone of voice is a huge part of our non-verbal communication. And it is our non-verbal communication which highly influences every single impression that we make.


Our tone of voice is something that most people completely pass over. As with everything with regards to our nonverbal communication, it is never about manipulation. It's about being aware of your tone of voice and being aware of the situation that you're in.


Influence is never about manipulation. Influence is about relationships.


When we get nervous we naturally go a couple of octaves higher in our tone of voice. For guys, this is not a huge deal per say, but for ladies, it can be, Ladies naturally have a higher voice octave than guys do, and then add on top of that nervousness and we're gonna talk even higher. Guys naturally have a harder time hearing these higher octaves.


You know, if you've been married or in a relationship, you hear this all the time. The guy's like, "I didn't hear you say that, honey." Truth is sometimes it's actually really true. Guys do not have the hairs in the ears to hear those higher levels that women can speak at.


If you're a woman who does a presentation in front of a lot of men, make sure that you are controlling your nerves so that can control your tone of voice.


Not to say that guys are off the hook. Guys do it too, but the funny thing is, guys will subconsciously try to go lower in their tone. It's like they've all heard that when you're nervous you speak higher, so they subconsciously try to lower their octaves which, seriously, gives you away just as much.


Practice is the best way to overcome your fear, use your subconscious mind, and use your tone of voice to your advantage.


When it comes to your tone of voice, to really control it the best way is simply just to practice what you're gonna say so that way you feel confident in the words and the situation that you're in.


Be clear about your intentions and allow your subconscious mind to take over and bring you into autopilot mode so that way you come across clear, powerful, and the nerves and the higher pitch voice will simply go away.