Hey ladies, listen up!

Let’s talk about the influence your handbag creates.  


Bags are statement pieces for women.Plus they are great ways to start a conversation, aka have someone approach you to, therefore, make you more influential already.


Your handbag is more than a statement piece it is a conversation starter.


Outside of jewelry, the next thing most women will comment on is another woman’s handbag. So, ladies, it's very smart to invest in a handbag that you absolutely love and want to be an opening conversation piece for someone else.


Here's the other thing about bags we use our bags as barriers. We see Kate Middleton do it all the time, holding her purse in front of her. This nonverbal cue tells the other person you can only approach so far. You're not getting all in. You're not really getting to know me. You can only come this far.


When it comes to Kate Middleton's situation, this is very important. When it comes to us and our level of influence this may or may not be a good thing.


Let your handbag be a conversation starter, not an influence blocker.


So, ladies, when you are out and about, don't hold your purse in front of you.  Instead, hold your bag beside you. This way you remain open and you're not using your bag as a subconscious sign to stay away.