Your environment does influence your level of influences.


Your environment is a powerful tool. It can give you more strength or it can de-empower you. It's truly up to you.


Your environment does influence your level of influences.

When you're looking around your space, you have to really understand what's at play.


For example, if you're in a crowded room where there's lots and lots of people and lots of noise, it's gonna be hard for many people to really see you as an influential person because the truth is it is hard for anyone to be seen. This is where using your personal style can help you be influential in the room and the moment.

When in a large space in which it is hard to build influence, use your style to your advantage.

The other thing about your space and your environment is all the barriers that are there. Some barriers we create, but other barriers like tables, chairs, flower arrangements and all the decorations that are at events are creating physical barriers, which limit our ability to truly communicate and truly create the relationship and establish the connection, a/k/a truly influence somebody.

Barriers influence our ability to influence.


When taking a seat choose a position or seat at the table where you're not having that flower arrangement right in front of you. If you are at a round table then choose a seat where you can easily see and talk to the majority of the table. If you're at a rectangular table, try to sit at the head. There's a reason why this is the classic position of leadership.  It is because you can speak to both sides of the table allowing you to influence more of the table most of the time.


No matter what you do, no matter where your space is, no matter if it's personal and you're on a date or you're out in the business world to maybe a networking event, the simple truth is this, when it comes to your environment if you want to feel more powerful, then stand up.


You want to feel more powerful - then stand up.


If you're feeling insecure or unsafe, you need something between the two of you, and if you really want to create the deep relationship to authentically influence, then guess what, you need as few things between you and the other person you're wanting to connect with.


It's truly just that simple.